Alexandra Llewellyn

Eden Rock - St Barths Exclusive Edition Travel Backgammon Board


Alexandra Llewellyn's love of backgammon comes from the wonderful universality of the game, its ability to transcend language, culture, and generations. Her handcrafted boards are also objects of exceptional beauty, borne of collaborations with expert artisans and acting as canvases for meticulous marquetry, delicate hand-painting, and bewitching print.

This limited edition travel backgammon board brings an element of old-world luxury to our high-speed travel age. Crafted out of lightweight leather, it is printed in a tempting design of palm fronds and azure waters. The portable game comes with a leather tray housing handcrafted stone playing pieces, casino quality dice, leather doubling dice and shakers, for a bespoke backgammon experience.

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