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Brenners Park Hotel & Spa Backgammon Board

Sale price£4,000.00

Alexandra Llewellyn's love of backgammon comes from the wonderful universality of the game, its ability to transcend language, culture, and generations. Her handcrafted boards are also objects of exceptional beauty, borne of collaborations with expert artisans and acting as canvases for meticulous marquetry, delicate hand-painting, and bewitching print.

For this piece, the brand has collaborated with Victoria Swarovski, inspired by a warmth for Brenners Park Hotel & Spa, to create eight limited-edition backgammon boards. Across a Brenners-green lacquer surface they have depicted emblems from Swarovski's childhood, including a delicate white edelweiss, classic skis and 'chalet antlers,' equally evocative of the nearby Black Forest. The board also bears the 'evil eye,' a symbol of protection that Swarovski always wears. Weighty playing pieces in Swarovski crystal and brass, a suede interior and a macassar-oiled ebony box combine for a classic elegance, just like Brenners Park itself.

Alexandra Llewellyn Brenners Park Hotel & Spa Backgammon Board - Oetker Collection Hotels Boutique
Brenners Park Hotel & Spa Backgammon Board Sale price£4,000.00