Love Brand & Co

Jumby Bay Island Circle of Life Abaco Swim Shorts


With family ties in the Bahamas, Love Brand & Co founders Oliver and Rose have spent the last decade perfecting the ultimate summer lifestyle brand that embodies the magic of island life. The British couple share a love of wildlife, hence their logo of two elephants whose interlocking trunks form the shape of a heart, and a percentage of their revenue goes towards charities helping wild animals and other endangered species. Love Brand & Co. boasts chic and easy beachwear, that also helps the planet.

Within this tropical print, designed exclusively for Jumby Bay Island Hotel, the island's turtle conservation work is symbolised by swimming turtles in a cool aqua blue. The linear sea turtles are overlapped to create a circular print, punctuated by dots of fuchsia pink to represent the colourful fauna and flora found on the island.

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