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Arsham Studio - Crystal Relic 001

Sale price£2,650.00

Some artists cannot be confined to a single medium. They mix formats, play with materials. They innovate. Daniel Arsham is one such artist. He has built his career on breaking down the boundaries between sculpture, architecture, performance and fashion.

Inspired by 18th century archeological objects made of crystal, this to-scale crystallised replica of a New York Yankees cap captures light in its transparency. This piece by Arsham Studio captures the transient qualities of memory and memorabilia, while also playing with ideas of uchrony, asking of us, "if the past had not been the past, what would be the present or the future? This work is part of Arsham's 'Future Relics' collection, an imaged archeological find from a dystopian future.

Arsham Studio - Crystal Relic 001 by Daniel Arsham - Oetker Collection Hotels Boutique
Arsham Studio - Crystal Relic 001 Sale price£2,650.00